Fitness🏋️‍♂️ or Programming🤖?

Fitness🏋️‍♂️ or Programming🤖?

Importance of fitness in a programmer's life.

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I choose both. I can never compromise on my fitness whatever the situation might be. And no doubt you must be having the same thinking as I had: "We should focus on one thing at a time, we will work on it later once we settle". But being serious and being sincere towards your goals are different things. Don't let your studies rob you of living life to the fullest. You should not let your health compromise in your quest of getting your dream job. By the way, I am writing this for the ones who think it's a "waste of time". And I'll tell you why it's important. Make sure you stick to the end folks 🎯.

The real foe: Our comfort Zone 💀

How many of us are guilty of scrolling down the phone way too much?? or sometimes all we end up doing is scrolling our social media all day long. It would be easier said than done if I say don't do it coz why not? It is what is the easiest thing to do. And after coding for the whole day what else we could do to relax? Tell us Vaishali.

I am really glad to hear that we did something for our dream job / future tech giants. CONGRATULATIONS👏. But we always forget ourselves in that endeavor. As bitter as it sounds, you forgot to take care of yourself because of the attachment to the real foe: your Comfort Zone.

Action before words🏊‍♂️

Enough Vaishali. Stop telling what we already know and tell us something that can bring change. We want to get a job and become a developer, not a gym expert.

As uneasy as it may sound, living the RICH life is not that expensive. From today onwards, make a habit to zone out from this tech world a little bit by throwing away your gadgets for a while and catching up with yourself a little bit.

You can start with 10 minutes of light exercises immediately after a busy day (don't give time to your brain to tell you that you have a phone) Lol. Doing regular exercise boosts productivity 2x times. It's the same in my case.

The real key to success is being strategic and organized.

Screenshot 2022-11-24 201323.png

So get up and move your body a little bit right now! And voila YOU DID IT GUYS. 🙌

Insights 💸💸

  1. Trust me. You will boost your productivity as well.

  2. As developers, we have to rely on our memory and thinking skills nearly all day long. We are constantly needing to remember code patterns and changes.

I will sound cliche if I say fitness is limited to the physical aspect of us. That's NOT the case!


3 . Being mentally fit is a benefit you get out of exercising. Train your mind to form that mind/body connection and you will be invincible.

4 . Enjoying what you do is a real flex. This is what brings progress and prosperity.

5 . It is all time management. Trust me time is something we have and we don't have. Make the most out of it.

So how much exercise do I need?

The answer to this question will be different for everyone. In some studies, it is recommended to engage in 2.5 hours of moderate aerobic activity every week. My recommendation is to exercise at a frequency that makes you feel good since that is really what it’s all about.

Start testing!

If getting started with an exercise routine sounds overwhelming, keep in mind that starting anywhere is better than not starting at all. Think outside of the box, and try not to worry too much about how you’re exercising. Whether you’re walking alone or with a pet, going for a jog, doing yoga or meditating, going to the gym, or doing a routine you found on YouTube, research shows that all kinds of exercise can be an effective way to manage stress and stay mentally healthy, especially for those of us in careers like software development, which require a high level of mental agility. The important thing is that you find an activity you enjoy and stick with it.


Check out Pamela reif, Chloe Ting, Nastassia Ponomorenko for the beginning.

My Spotify Playlist for working out.🦾

Disclaimer: It's REGGAETON !!