Looking back on KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022

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Looking back on KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2022
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Hey everyone! I am excited to share my first experience with Kubecon + CloudNativeCon NA'22. I look up to events like KubeCon that are diversified to large extents because the exposure is top-notch. Do not worry if you have no idea what KubeCon is, I will walk you through it in a while. I could not attend it in person, but what makes it special is that living in different places/ time zones is no longer a hindrance to having a world-class learning experience.

Kubecon has burned all the bridges by Livestreaming from 93 countries across 6 continents.

So, without further due, Lets goooooo!!!!

KubeCon: the Tomorrowland of new age

big halll cncf.png

To ease up a little bit let me tell you why I termed it the Tomorrowland of a new age. KubeCon made me nostalgic about the days when I grew up watching sci-fi movies about the unrealistic meta world. One of them was, Tomorrowland, a 2015 Disney movie around a sci-fi world. Today I googled the movie and look what I found 🤐.

"Tomorrowland didn't spring from the imagination of the creative team at Disney. At least not entirely. Its roots are firmly planted in a very real place, Santiago Calatrava's City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain."

Isn't it where Kubecon 2022 was held? Exactly! in Valencia, Spain. KubeCon is the realized culmination of how the world is moving toward the future altogether and all at once. Just like the movie. The only difference is we are doing wonders with the help of code.

Must watch: Tomorrowland 😂

What is KubeCon?

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KubeCon + CloudNativeCon is one of the must-attend events for cloud-native technologies. You will be able to learn, exchange and network with peers about Kubernetes but also about containers and new development frameworks. For those who can't attend in person, it is possible to attend the live sessions from the virtual event. This event offers 200+ sessions including technical sessions, deep dives, case studies, and more. Ofc, it would've been a tedious task to watch all of them but I scheduled the topics in which I had my interests.

POV: I got to know about KubeCon after I started my open-source journey. The limits here know no bounds hence events like KubeCon are the outcome that's enthralling and overwhelming at the same time.

Role of Kubernetes @ KubeCon


  • Kubernetes also known as K8s, is an open-source system for automating deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications.

  • K8s is slowly moving toward the mainstream, which in turn is increasing the scalability into cloud-native. In recent years, it has helped people to get involved, more developers have come on board, and has gained more attraction.

  • Kubernetes had their flagship projects considered mainstream
    (which once in a while turns vague and boring) but K8s continues to garner support & energy through and throughout the community.

  • Here, among 140+ projects folks have a plethora of choices to contribute to something which is totally cutting-edge and something that is basic or common among folks.

  • So, the diversity in options and the room for innovation means this is just the beginning, which is so COOL.

The Sessions: world-class learning experience

Moving ahead, the following were some of the sessions that I scheduled for myself.

1.The New Stack Pancake Breakfast - "Devs and ops people - it's time for some Kubernetes couple therapy"

Time-Frame: 60-minutes panel

Breakdown: Experiences

Way back in May at KubeCon they hosted a packed panel about the ops experiences with Kubernetes ‘after the honeymoon'. But considering about the developer experience this talk was organised. It’s not just about ops teams. Devs need some love, too.

More info about the session>


2 . Thriving With Kubernetes On-Call: Best Practices & Lessons Learned - Sunil Shah & Ramya Krishnan, Airbnb; Ashley Cutalo, Lyft; Madhu C.S., Robinhood; Fabio Kung, Netflix

Time frame: 35-Minutes Briefs

Breakdown: Reliability + Operational Continuity

Topics covered will include: +Keeping on-call engineers happy + Balancing rapid response with alert fatigue + Strategies to proactively deal with production issues + Preparing engineers for on-call

More info about the session >


3 . Migrating From PodSecurityPolicy -by Tim Allclair & Sam Stoelinga,Google

Time frame: 35-Minutes Briefings

Breakdown: Security + Identity + Policy

Pod Security Policy (PSP) has been completely removed in Kubernetes v1.25, making it essential for users to migrate their clusters before upgrading to v1.25. The good news is that the Pod Security admission controller, designed as a simpler successor to PSP, just graduated to stable. The bad news is that migration is not always straightforward. In this talk, I learned the quick-and-dirty migration path, and then dive deep into the nuances and challenges of migrating off PSP.

More info about the session >

Screenshot 2022-11-26 181536.png

4 . Lightning Talk: A Puzzling Solution. How To Be Better At Accepting Others Experiences.

Time Frame: 5-Minutes Lightning Talk

Breakdown: Maintainer Track

As we gain experience and expertise in an area of study we often find ourselves struggling to meet our colleagues where they are. We can all do better at listening and raising others. If you are interested in seeing someone solve a Rubik's cube live on stage do watch this lightning talk!

More info about the session >

and many more........

Find the sessions based on your interest via CNCF youtube channel.

What, Why, Who, and How?

What will you get out of it?


  • A kickstart to your career in remote jobs while you are still graduating.

  • Mentoring from mentors around the world.

  • Can get an opportunity for a remote job in the organizations maintaining projects.

  • Can get many scholarships via CNCF, Linux, and other organizations.

  • A new perspective on your goals and life.

Why should one attend the event?


  • Network with people with enthralling potential and mindset.
  • Making lifelong connections.
  • Adds up to memory lane of college days and much more.
  • And the learning curve will rise exponentially after such a great experience.

Who can attend?

Everybody can! No matter graduate, or an under-graduate. They have the following aids too for those who can't afford the expenses. So, now wht's stopping you?

  • DIVERSITY Applicants must be from traditionally underrepresented and/or marginalized groups in the technology and/or open-source communities who are unable to attend without some financial assistance. Including, but not limited to persons identifying as LGBTQIA+, women, persons of color, and/or persons with disabilities. (Virtual or In-Person)

  • NEED-BASED Applicants should be active community members who are not being assisted or sponsored by a company or organization, and are unable to attend for financial reasons. (Virtual or In-Person)

  • STUDENT Applicants must be students currently enrolled in high school, college / university, or a full / part-time coding course or Bootcamp. (Available for Virtual Only)


How can you attend?

  • Dan Kohn scholarship by CNCF to support individuals who may not otherwise have the opportunity to attend the event.
  • Virtually too.

Aloha KubeCon'22


Every good thing comes to an end and so did this grand diverse event in North America.But that means better things are on the way.This virtual event has made me more passionate about the tech world, can't wait to be out there one day, meeting people personally, sharing experiences in-person. Celebrated equally like a festival this event holds the potential for a brighter future.

Don't be sad. They are definitely coming back for a blast! The only question is: Are you ready?

Yes I am 🎯.

What's next?

KubeCon'23 is all set for another year. This time I definitely wish to attend it in person, I mean who doesn't want to catch up a flight for an event😜.

the next kubecon.jpg

Get yourself ready for another year. Comment down below who else is coming with me. Till then keep learning new things.